I’m doing some reading again this summer and am looking for others will join me in reading and engaging on some of these books.

In particular, I’m reading books about Vocation & Work. Books that relate the Christian Story to what we do 40, 50 or 80 hours a week – things we refer to as our jobs. Also, the things we do for which are not paid money.

I’m convinced that there are important lessons in each one of these texts. Lessons that may be useful for me personally as well as for how I do my work as a campus chaplain with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Maybe some will be useful to you too?

So here is my invitation… Take a look at the list of Vocation & Work and pick one or two or three.  Read them by the date suggested.  And be prepared to share what you learn. I’ll post my own reaction on the blog each week and invite you make your own comments.

In case you’ve just stumbled on this blog, here is some more background on me…

Jeff Ready to RaceI’m a follower of Jesus and serve as a campus chaplain with graduate students and faculty at Harvard. I’ve been at this for some time, having come to Cambridge in 1983 after seminary. A significant part of my work is serving as advisor to Christian fellowships at the graduate and professional schools (HGSCF). Another part of my work is with the Harvard Chaplains and you can read more there.  I also ride bikes and serve as faculty advisor to the cycling team at Harvard.  I’m husband to Tara Edelschick – she has her own great blog: The Homeschool Chronicles. Together we have two boys (Zachary and Ezra) and a girl (Nafisa). We’re all having a lot of fun!

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