I’m doing some reading again this summer and am looking for others who will join me –  reading and engaging some of these books.

In particular, I’m reading books that will strengthen my understanding and provide, language and background for some of the conversations I hope to have with graduate students and faculty in the coming academic year.  Conversations on Big Ideas & Issues.

I’m convinced that there are important ideas in each of these texts.  Ideas that I hope will be useful for me personally as well as for how I do my work as a campus chaplain with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.  Maybe some will be useful to you too?

So here is my invitation… Take a look at my list of books on Big Ideas & Issues and pick one or two.  Read them by the date suggested.  And be prepared to share what you learn.  I’ll post my own reaction on the blog after I finish each book and invite you to comment too!

In case you’ve just stumbled on this blog, here is some more background on me…

Jeff Ready to RaceI’m a follower of Jesus and serve as a campus chaplain with graduate students and faculty at Harvard. I’ve been at this for some time, having come to Cambridge in 1983 after seminary.  A significant part of my work is serving as an advisor/organizer with the Christian fellowships at the graduate and professional schools (HGSCF). Another part of my work is with the Harvard Chaplains and you can read more there.  I also ride bikes and serve as faculty advisor to the cycling team at Harvard.  I’m husband to Tara Edelschick – she has her own great blog:  The Homeschool Chronicles – from which she has taken a bit of a break but is still excellent…  Together we have two boys (Zachary and Ezra) and a girl (Nafisa).  We’re all having a lot of fun!

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